Singles Round Up: 13th July 2014

Singles, who’d bother eh? Well, this lot still would and a good job really, otherwise what would else is there to do on a beautiful day, where the world is your oyster? Luckily there’s a pretty good selection here, so spare a few minutes to read on.

Some breathy/squeaky singing make Ginger And The Ghost’s ‘Mark Of Hearts’ a different take on the current vogue for nu-folk. Everything else is in place and the spanish guitar sounds very Nick Mulvey, but this is still somehow pretty fresh.

A nice beat, pleasant singing, a bit of electronica, Malka has made what you could call “a lovely record” with ‘Into The Night’, which at less than four minutes it doesn’t outstay its welcome. And it sounds a little like Lorde; we like her round these parts.

Produced by Cam Blackwood whose previous work involved London Grammar and Florence & the Machine, its no wonder that Sykes share DNA with those acts. ‘Gold Dust’ is much less gloomy, though it falls short of being chipper, and promises big things for the threesome.

Now, a band that consists only of drummers (three of them) and a singer is something a bit different, right? Only Mountainear - see what they did there - aren’t really any different at all. ‘Distant Camp’ throws you off the percussion scent by opening with piano, leading to a cry of “where are the drums?”, well they appear after about a minute and never go away. Harmonies turn up near the end too. Nothing new but it’s alright.

I’m not sure what’s happening this week but there’s nothing to really trash, and who doesn’t love trashing music at least once a week? Anyhow, ‘Celina’ is an 80’s retro track from Midlanders Batsch; it has a good beat, simple but striking keys, a wicked groove, and their lead singer is called Mason Le Long. Cool or what?

Hozier is not Hoosiers, oh no. Firstly he’s a he not a they, secondly he’s more earthy, more honest sounding, gritty if you will. And ‘Sedated’ is damn good.

Another honest sounding single is ‘Nighttime’ from Glaswegian band The Amazing Snakeheads. Their sound flicks all the right switches: bar roomy, grungy, bluesy, ballsy, the kind of band you would drive thirty mile to a spit and sawdust pub to watch.

OK, here it is. ‘Metal Zone’ is the first track that rubs the wrong way. Not totally irredeemable this the sound of overconfidence and your typical rock band trying to sound rawk. At least The Vines have the good grace to get it over with pretty quickly, and from nowhere.

Ah, here's the token folk-y one; 'Eggs Shells is the lead track from Jacko Hooper's new EP. It's a decent enough intro to the singer songwriter but you get the feeling that he’s more to give.

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