Singles Round Up: 13th April 2014

Well, it's an interesting batch out there this week, some dirge, some very good, others distinctly middling. Here's the low down!

Noeva – I Promise ft. Paige Cakey
A very Beyonce-esque effort from Noeva, albeit a bit too much so that it starts to feel that she might be an actual clone of Mrs Carter herself. Not even a sub-par rap verse from Paige Cakey can save this imitation train wreck.

Not an optimistic start but nonetheless we continue with...

Rupert Stroud – Morning Light

A folky indie track from Rupert Stroud, with vocals akin to those of Elbow frontman Guy Garvey and a relaxing melody to boot; the female backing vocals can be jarring at times but otherwise a decent listen.

A moment of calm before a run of pretty middling material I'm afraid...

JAWS - Think Too Much Feel Too Little

A dull indie track from JAWS in the form of ‘Think Too Much Feel Too Little’ with a very similar vibe to The 1975, albeit one that crowd might have kicked into touch. Uninspired.

Deaf Havana - 22

A boring slice of rock from Deaf Havana. Rest assured, the band’s teenage fanbase will lap up this Springsteen-lite (with the man himself getting a mention) song but for everyone else? Meh.

And now we reach the good stuff at long last! Or at least the promising stuff. Ever the optimist, me.

The Wands - The Dawn

With the current psychedelic rock revival moving along strongly, The Wands will fit into the scene, if not quite setting it alight. An admirable effort nonetheless which shows promise from the Danish duo.

The Tapestry - Right As Rain

A very catchy indie track from Manchester foursome The Tapestry, with shades of early Arctic Monkeys meets The Strokes. A very promising tune to say the least, it’s well worth keeping an eye on them for now at least.

And finally... who shall take the coveted single of the week crown? Well, actually it's a tie. I'll leave both Birdy & The Hoosiers to decide amongst themselves who should take the metaphorical crown to wear as if it was real.

The Hoosiers - Make Or Break (You Gotta Know)

A stylishly catchy new song from The Hoosiers with drummer Al Sharland singing vocals in the verses. The combination of the simplistic drums and the indie guitars provide a unique charm - especially when you throw in singer/guitarist Irwin Sparkes’ vocals in the chorus for an earworm extraordinaire.

Birdy - Words As Weapons

A very folky effort from Birdy with ‘Words As Weapons’; the vocals, albeit somewhat shaky at times, are a delight, as is the repeating guitar part. A special mention has to go to the production as the song feels very tight and neither the vocals nor instrumentals overpower each other.

And that's it for this week! Hopefully you've enjoyed reading this with the same sense of intrigue as browsing through a record shop. Or not, it's a free country after all.

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