Singles Round Up: 10th November 2014

A delayed column this week, it took a few hours towipe away the tears and get over the shock of Paul Akister’s elimination from The X Factor. Seriously British public, seriously...

Before the real music though here’s the latest from Leicester’s best, Kasabian. ‘Stevie’ is exactly what we’ve come to expect from these guys over the last ten years. Exactly.

Stretching the concept of moody indie-pop a bit further are Last Lynx. The Swedish band straddle the dreamy indie dance line, with a catchy, effective single ‘None Of My Friends’ which shows an imagination lacking in some of this week’s other bands.

Taking us back to the mid-90’s are Shy Nature. It’s alright, with a lightness of touch and a melody that marks it out as better than some of the other turgid rubbish that’s been thrown out in the name of guitar music in 2014.

Ruining the solidity of guitar driven indie this week are Communions, complete with their press release photo of four moody guys standing around aimlessly, which tells you all you need to know. Horrible.

Better though is this catchy bass laden track from Jana Josephina, with a discernable tune, someone that can sing, and great production this is everything that Communions aren’t. Very good Jana, very good indeed.

Some of that much underused instrument, the pan pipe, in this folky-pop track from Fireislands. It’s good in a Lumineers tap your foot and sing a long type way. Or annoying. Depends on your viewpoint.

An urban-folk collective. That’s a new one. The second Swedish band of the week, Billy Momo introduce themselves with ‘I’ve Got You’, a strings and guitar take on folk. Let’s be honest, this is as folk as Alice Cooper really, but that doesn't stop it being bloody good. A bit atmospheric, a sense of longing, and a driving beat. We’ll have a bit of that thanks.

This week sees another bloke with a guitar playing downbeat music. Only surprise is that James McLaren's 'Stay Aboard' wheedles it's way into your head. Probably the repeating refrain and the trudging chorus, but they both do their thing.

Terrible name, great tune. Terror Pigeon and ‘Girl’. The kind of sweet voiced female singer we love round these parts, but teamed up with a beat that turns into some crazy Euro-pop dance thing. The whole thing is a bit OTT but works. Now, about that name…

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