Singles of the Week - 8th June 2014

This week we kick off with MNEK's 'Every Little Word' and instantly it feels that we've regressed to nineties style R&B. It's almost as though Will Smith was doing music again, but this time feeling the need to litter the track with misplaced swear words. 'Every Little Word' is both musically and lyrically challenged.

The big selling point of Peace's new track is that the band performed on that fakeumentary of modern snooty life, Made in Chelsea - really, do people behave like that in the REAL world? The aptly named 'Money' is pretty forgettable indie-pop that mistakes buzzwords for lyrics with a video featuring yuppies - it seems we're now in the eighties.

Bouncing back we have the nineties video-game theme style opening of Plasma's 'Burning Like Sun' - thankfully, not only are we bouncing back through the decades, but also in quality. Maybe this week isn't going to be too bad after all. Not entirely catchy, 'Burning Like Sun' is still a decent effort that and we think you should give it a chance.

Dustin Tebbutt's 'Bones' gives us some of that guitar-driven pop that we get almost every week. Vocally somewhere just a little south of the Bee Gees, looking past the navel gazing folk pretensions this isn't awful and would probably gain more kudos if other bands hadn't got there first. Tebbutt's Twitter profile states that it's 'Music for your autumns and winters' - your a few months early mate.

More poppy-folky-guitary stuff with Passenger. Sounding just like his previous releases, if you're a fan you'll either love 'Hearts on Fire' or you'll wanting him to do something different. Either way, for the rest of us its decent enough background music that fails to actually set anyone's heart on fire - we kind of like it, but in that 'yeah, it's alright' kind of way.

Glass Animals on the other hand ARE doing something a little different - the percussion driven 'Pools' would, in another week be vying out SOTW pick. Almost tribal, its an interesting sound that also brings with it a few hooks. We like.

Single(s) of the Week

Why pick one single of the week when you can pick three? We're spoiled this week with a triumvirate of girl power, with a good showing for some of our favourite female acts. We're huge fans of The Pierces here at TMF Towers - the sisters have yet to put a foot wrong and 'Kings' continues their run of beautifully realised folk-pop. Soaring melodies yet oddly delicate, their vocals will bring a smile to the hardest of hearts and they even score points for the mildly feminist nature of the song. Good work!

In a normal week 'Kings' would easily walk away with the crown, but they're up against First Aid Kit's 'My Silver Lining' which soars in a different way. Complex vocal arrangements backed by violins gives the song a somewhat dreamy vibe that we really like.

Not wanting this to be a two horse race, Natalie McCool also turns in another outstanding effort. Her first single since her amazing debut, 'Wind Blows Harder'. This time she goes all Hunger Games in a video that perfectly accompanies the pounding nature of the track and this is just more evidence that McCool has both the talent AND the material to see her becoming a major artist in the not-too-distant future.

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