Singles of the Week: 7th July 2014

Wow, what a week we have in store for you guys! Songs? Videos? Fun? Drama? Excitement? We got it all right here, some real stunners for you. But don't take my word for it, have a look for yourselves.

Darlia - Dear Diary
A decent enough indie-by-numbers romp. Fun while it lasts but instantly forgettable once the music stops.

JAWS - Be Slowly
Lovely retro 80s vibe going on here: a bit Psychedelic Furs, a bit Cure. A fun little summer tune to liven your day. Nice one.

The Wet Secrets - Nightlife
Love this. It's like The B52s mated with The Black Keys. Loads of fun and check out the brilliant video too!

El Born - You Made Me
Not bad, but a bit too mainstream for my liking. The kind of song you could have blaring without your folks minding too much, yet its inoffensive radio-friendly little melody is a definitely a grower.

We Are Catchers - Isabella
This is the kind of song that would have no chance on the airwaves, no hooks, no flash video. Yet it's lovelier and infinitely more appealing then much of the dross that gets churned out on Radio 1. With its Beach Boys-style harmonies and lolloping piano chords following along like a faithful dog, this is a delightful little tune that deserves your full attention.

Codes - Astraea
An atmospheric mishmash of electronica and prog-rock maybe trying a bit too hard to be cool and interesting. Still, a decent little effort.

Brownbear - Dead or Alive
Nifty little rocker that ticks all my boxes. Spritely, clever, well-crafted, and the guy is cute too! Win win all around.

The Luka State - Rain
Excellent song from Cheshire band The Luka State accompanied by a first-rate video that plays out like a mini-drama, perfectly encapsulating the song's energy and power. Engrossing and addictive, one you'll play again and again.

Johanna Glaza - Letter to New York
Formally of Joana and the Wolf before going solo, this exquisite song will fair take your breath away. The majesty of Kate Bush coupled with the eccentricities Bjork, the haunting melody flutters around the beautiful fragility of Glaza's voice as if trying to keep it safe. The effect is spellbinding.

And the winner is....

A real bag full of winners this time round: Johanna Glaza , The Luka State, We Are Catchers, Brownbear,The Wet Secrets, all rightly deserve to sport the crown. But with Gary Numan in the mix, there really is no contest.

Gary Numan - I Am Dust
The master of electronica Gary Numan marks his return with the excellent 'I Am Dust'. It would be an insult to his name for a mere mortal like myself to "critique" it. It's Gary Numan, it's damn good - that's all you need to know.

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