Singles of the Week - 3rd March 2014

The Bad

The first few seconds of Gallon Drunk's 'The Dumb Room' mislead you into thinking it could be a contender - but it's not long before it becomes clear that what it actually is is just tuneless, rasping noise.

Danish four-piece, Gäy, on the other hand turn in a reasonably catchy tune with 'Blue-blue-heart' but it's far too repetitive to be anything more than annoying after the second listen. We wouldn't surprised if something they do in the future ends up on the soundtrack to an Inbetweeners film. Feint praise indeed.

T.W.i.N.S look nothing like twins - let's get that out of the way first. If trading standards don't go after them because of their band's name, their faux-ska 'What's The Time' is likely to see them fall foul of the taste police.

LOLO ft Giggs just misses out on being this weeks single of the week with 'Gangsters' because it falls into that all too common trap of ruining a great track by adding unnecessary rap lyrics (in this case "Giggs" contribution is so banal that I really wonder why anyone let him piss all over the good work that LOLO herself has done). Anyone know if there's a Giggs-free version? This is the equivalent of celebrating before crossing the finish line, then tripping and tumbling into the Olympic flame and dying an agonising death.

The Good

'Chances' won't elevate The Machine Room into pole position when it comes to Scottish music exports, but it isn't a bad song. Kind of like a lightweight, slightly repetitive Idlewild. They could be one to watch though.

If you fancy some piano-led Birdy-style pop, Dillon delivers this in spades. Her beautifully vulnerable vocals make 'A Matter of Time' one of those tracks that you find yourself melting into. It doesn't go for the throat and is sneakily wrap around your brain in a way that won't let go.

If you want a bit of guitar with your pianos then The Head and The Heart give you that alongside vocals that sound a little like Train in 'Another Story' their lead single from their upcoming album. It may just end up being a little bit forgettable.

Nerina Pallot kicks off her year of EPs with We Should Break Up - the lead track of which is a nice little ditty. It's not her best, but fans will be more than happy that she's back. I'm a little disappointed that none of the tracks here really show Nerina at her acerbic best - I always think she's gives a little more passion when she has a bit of bite to her lyrics.

Correct me if I'm wrong, this could be the closest that Bulgaria has been to walking away with the sought-after TDF Single of the Week prize. Having taken her Eastern European home by storm, Ruth Koleva has arrives in the UK with this surprisingly solid debut. 'Turn This Around' is chill out music at its best, offering similarities to the likes of Erica Badu and Morcheeba, but with none of the mundanity. Recommended.

Also finding themselves amongst the pick of the crop this week are We Are Evergreen's 'Daughters' - a nice, catchy inoffensive hipster delight. Then we have a beautiful song from Nick Mulvey. 'Cucurucu' begins almost as a whisper, then slowly builds into a warm embracing tune full of light and hope - a real winner. Alpines bring us some nice smooth electronica with 'Oasis' and finally Kidnap Kid's loop-driven 'Stronger' which takes a while to get anywhere, but when it finally does grab you it becomes inviting; nothing particularly new though.

The Best

If you want something that sounds new, you could do a lot worse than to check out Shake Tiger Shake and their new single 'Break These Chains' which sounds like an interesting fuse of modern electronica alongside TLC style soul. It's exciting and could be the first signs of a proper breakout act. 'Break These Chains' does exactly what a good single should do - introduce you to an act and invite you to dig in a little deeper to find out just what they're about.

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