Singles of the Week: 25th May 2014

This week's round up is a lot like the weather: a deluge of stinging rain with the occasional patch of blue sky. Grab your brollies and take a look.

Hockeysmith - But Blood EP
Sisters Annie and Georgie Hockeysmith have created what is (after a couple of patient listens) quite a lovely, sonically satisfying, body of work. How best to describe it? Trippy shoegaze? Post-punk? Dream pop? Whatever. But tunes such as the ethereal 'Hesitate' and delightfully poppy 'But Blood' show definite promise. Cool stuff, give them a listen.

George Michael - Going To A Town
Here's George taking on the Rufus Wainwright gem 'Going To A Town', and he plays it pretty straight. It's lovely enough but a bit meh, basically a faded carbon copy of the original - and a song this good deserves better.

Longfellow - Kiss-Hug-Make
Gooey, sticky, Bic-Lighter-in the-air power ballad. Spare us. NEXT!

The Elwins - Sittin' Pretty
This song reminds me of that well-meaning, kind of clingy, nice enough but nerdy kid at school who you knew you should be nice to, but always avoided in the hallways. 'Sittin Pretty' is decent enough, but as soon as it's over you can barely remember what it sounded like.

Beautiful Boy - Home
This is rather a nice, powerful indie number from Beautiful Boy. Big tune, rousing chorus, but without being too cloying or OTT. Bet it sounds even better live.

Daughter - 4AD Session
The pièce de résistance of our round up is a bit of a cheat. Daughter releases a special 12 inch EP for the "4AD Session", re-recording four songs from their excellent 2013 album If You Leave. 'Tomorrow', 'Still', 'Amsterdam', 'Youth' and 'Shallows' are given a fresh airing replete with 12 piece orchestra. To be fair the songs don't need any help, but the beautifully fragile strings, like fluttering birds, combined with Elena Tonra's sublime vocals is a breathtaking.

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