Singles of the Week: 24 March 2014

The weather certainly has been erratic latey. Glorious spring sunshine one minute followed by torrential showers the next. So, just like this week's crop of new singles: a real jumble of lovely tunes and utter crapola.

Well, this is a bit of a surprise. Robbie Williams' new tune is actually pretty good! 'Shine My Shoes' is jazzy and fun with the Robster dispensing with trends and fads and going back to what he does best.

Editors' music always seems to be influenced by what Tom Smith is listening to at any given moment: Joy Division, U2, synth, indie, and then it all filters down into the music - with varying degrees of success. 'Sugar' is decent, moody, angsty, U2-y - your basic Editors' track really. Nothing more, nothing less.

Poppy, synthy, chirpy. These are the adjectives that spring to mind when listening to 'Who Knows' by Beginners. Maybe it's a grower if you have the patience for it, though the thought of having to re-listen to it makes me want to have a little cry.

Rather generic indie pop from Young Kato. 'Help Yourself' is well realised and well executed, just not terrible exciting or original.

Kiran Leonard's 'Geraldo's Farm' is rather interesting. Frantic and disjointed, it certainly catches your attention and commands you to take notice. Though perhaps going in too many directions at once, it is none-the-less pretty engaging.

The Darcys' 'Horses Fell' is rather lovely. Quite similar to Wild Beasts (though less eccentric and original) it is still a neat little number and well worth a listen.

A new Klaxons tune? Shame it's pretty terrible. You'd expect more from their long-awaited return, but 'There is No Other Time' is washed-out disco beats, cliched lyrics and dull, dull, dull.

Single of the Week

It is already an established fact that we lurve Midwest duo Lily & Madeleine, and you will be too after an earful of the delightful 'I've Got Freedom', another single from their wonderful debut. The tune is bright, warm-hearted and utterly engaging.

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