Singles of the Week: 17th February 2014

Joan As Police Woman - Holy City
Excellent new song from indie diva Joan As Police Woman. With its infectious disco beat and funky groove, the smart and sassy ‘Holy City’ will get you moving and keep you smiling during these gloomy February days.

The Heartbreaks - Hey, Hey Lover
Apart from the terrible haircuts, there is really nothing else to distinguish this mundane offering from The Heartbreaks. It’s poppy, it’s spritely, it’s cutesy, and it’s dull.

Younghusband - Left Of The Rocks
Decent, if somewhat lifeless, tune from Younghusband. ‘Left Of The Rocks’ has a slight 80s feel that feels a bit Smiths crossbred with Psychedelic Furs. It’s alright for what it is but won’t necessarily set your soul on fire.

Salt Ashes - Somebody
For those of you who like fluffy electro-pop, then ‘Somebody’ from Salt Ashes will be just your thing. But to the rest of us it feels like the slushy mess after a half-hearted snowfall.

Lorde - Team
Lorde has been getting some serious column inches, and after listening to ‘Team’ one has to ask, why? It’s decent, the slightly cloying girly vocals, the synth beats, nothing we haven’t heard many times before. It feels like a little girl tottering around in her big sister’s high heels. Needs a bit more time and maturity til they fit.

Rare Monk - Splice
The fact that Rare Monk hail from my home turf of Portland Oregon gives them automatic distinction. And the song is good too! Combining 90s indie with a noughties pop sensibility, ‘Splice’ is a lovely bit of dreamy psycho-pop that soothes the spirit and eases the the soul. Nice one.

Single of the Week

Blackbird And The Storm - Black Crow
Oh I do like this. Its rootsy Americana undertones and the sensual vocals of Blackbird And The Storm grips you from the get go. And with all the natural disasters hitting the world the lyrics couldn’t be more timely. A real gem.

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