ZSK - We Are The Kids

Although working within a fairly small musical landscape, various domestic punk scenes have managed to carve out recognisable sounds of their own over the past thirty years. One thinks of Scandinavian hardcore/thrash or the 1980s Japanese or Italian scenes, much of it still held in high esteem by collectors.

I can't say I've heard much German punk over the years, and it's slightly disappointing to discover the Berlin-based ZSK peddle a fairly generic - and American sounding - skate punk that really only brings to mind Sum 41, if only for the occasional Maiden-inspired riffery. That said, it's ragged - and catchy - enough to make it a worthwhile purchase for fans of the genre and they should be a blast live, having previously trodden the boards with haevyweights like US Bombs, Anti-Flag and The Distillers.

We Are The Kids is a compilation of mostly English-language tracks aimed at a wider international audience, taken from their earlier albums Riot Radio and From Protest To Resistance. Lyrically, it's an encouraging mix of old-school protest punk and calls to activism and the accompanying booklet includes contact information for one of the bigger animal rights organisations.

Not boundary-breaking then, but worth a punt if you have some spare Euros.

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