Zombie Nation - Zombielicious

Much anticipation has surrounded the release of Zombie Nation mastermind Florian Senfter's first album in three years - and his latest batch of techno-tinged electro bangers don't disappoint. A decade after he unleashed the classic club hit Kernkraft 400, the Munich-based producer proves he is still more than capable of conjuring up fresh and exciting sounds.

Zombie's recent collaborations with Tiga on the side project ZZT have been nothing less than glorious and that rich vein of form has not deserted him for the release of album number four under the guise of his most well-known pseudonym. The album's centrepiece and undoubted highlight is a track so epic it had to be chopped into two parts, the wonderfully relentless Worth It. Blessed with one of those hooks that immediately buries itself in your brain, it's insistent, obvious and unremitting in all the right way and destined to light up every dancefloor it graces.

Zombielicious is stuffed with plenty of variety, from the catchy, tongue-in-cheek vocal hook and chunky synths of Get It to the pulverising slabs of heavy-hitting riffage that make up first single Forza and Radio Controlled, which sounds a bit like Justice torturing Daft Punk. Released just as the weather finally starts to cheer up, this LP will undoubtedly be the soundtrack to plenty of summers in 2009.



out of 10
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