Yppah - You Are Beautiful At All Times

Joe Corrales spent time playing in rock bands before going on to DJ in clubs, spinning hip-hop alongside house. As Yppah, he draws on these previous interests, blending dreamy textures and driving hooks, guitars and broken beats. The most obvious reference point is the DJ Shadow of High Noon, but those familiar with Junkie XL's album Today will find the rockier Again With The Subtitles and gothy, uplifting final track, Longtime, trample some of the same ground.

Track 4 is either named The Subtitles That Count (according to the PR release) or The Subtleties That Count (according to iTunes), but the latter is definitely the more appropriate, Yppah working in various beat patterns, Tangerine Dream style synths and ghostly voices over two minutes. It requires a few passes to appreciate. Still, even allowing for subtleties across the record, You Are Beautiful At All Times seems rather lacking in variation. This debut is always a pleasant listen, yet one in need of more standout moments.



out of 10
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