Yppah - They Know What Ghost Know

When we made Yppah TMF Single of the Week recently, it was with the hope that Joe Corrales Jnr. could maintain the promise therein over an entire album. Boy, can he. In spades.

The obvious reference point is DJ Shadow with whom he shares a fondness for strong beats and atmosphere but anyone who fell for the likes of Death In Vegas or Air will enjoy this hugely over the summer. Having spent his early musical career in bands, Corrales understands the benefits of a warm, organic sound despite working in the realms of electronica so there are snippets of folk guitar, the occasional soul chop and enough fuzz and drones to keep the indie kids happy. The mellow flute work on 'Shutter Speed' sits comfortably alongside the shimmering 'Sunflower Sunkissed' (northern soul by the way of MBV) and 'A Parking Lot Carnival' has all the fizz of Pains of Being Pure At Heart. This is Texan psych 2009-style.

Above all, They Know ... revels in itself. Not since The Go Team! has an album instilled such a sense of unfettered glee. Forget your troubles, c'mon get Yppah.



out of 10
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