Your First Mistake - Wide Awake And Watching EP

On first glimpsing the Scottish quintet you’d most probably assume that the only songs they play either feature wonderings about a twinkly little star, or, failing that, a story about a certain Miss Muffet and her tuffet. In reality however, these somewhat ageist judgements could not be further from the truth. In fact, those thoughts would quite aptly be Your First Mistake (pardon the pun). The five lads have instead managed to engineer a sound that places them straight on the new rock influx bandwagon right next to Southampton’s own Not Advised, complete with a technical aptitude that would rival The Wonder Years’. It may come as no surprise then to learn that YFM have had the pleasure of supporting the likes of post-hardcorers Senses Fail and Kerrang’s very own wet-nursed band, the Young Guns.

But now these mighty bands have to move over as it’s YFM’s turn to take to the floor and prove why they won't be unsigned for much longer. This they do in the form of Wide Awake And Watching a four-track E.P. that acts as a kind of musical vol eu vent, whetting your appetites and leaving you wanting more.

Although the opening track, ‘Michael, It Was Just an Illusion’ starts with so much hacksaw-toothed jaggedness that you start to wonder whether you’ve accidentally left some other music on in the background, it then suddenly charges into a robust riot, like baton-wielding policeman trying to fend off hooligans. Not a far cry from ear-suspender, ‘Be My Purpose’, Sean’s lead vocals somehow manage to shield the underlying thrashes of the metallic-sheened guitars, which act as an angered narrative throughout not just ‘Michael...’ but the entire E.P.

‘All That's Left between Us Is Hope’ similarly burns your taste buds (but in a good way) with its melodic-thrusting and hair-swinging spankings that display YFM’s musical maturity and encapsulates their pure kinetic potential. This stored energy then becomes later released in ‘I Say Flash, You Say Thunder’, an electric cross-wiring of alternative rock and hardcore, surging its way into your noggin and even coming complete with screams.

For a band that’s had more changes than a plastic-surgery addict, it seems that YFM have discovered the formula they’ve taken three years to concoct. In fact, it may perhaps be a bit of a cliché to say they’re the next big thing to come out of Scotland since fried Mars Bars, but you know what, they actually just could be that.



out of 10

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