Yellow Stripe Nine - Trouble With Girls

Oh dear, Yellow Stripe Nine’s single, Trouble With Girls might leave you a little cold at first listen. Its mournful synthesiser riff meanders slowly round a musical mullburry bush until it gets dizzy and collapses in on itself while singer, Pete Wurlitzer (what a fucking great name!), whines about some sort of ‘girl trouble’or something. But the soft boiled approach works in more subtle ways, massaging itself into your brain slowly until it sort of gets stuck there. Not an instant hit by any means but enough repeat listens and there’s something dark here, glistening underneath the soft surface like a dead dog under a hedge.

B-side, Cristal is more of the same but with a more jagged sort of approach. Both songs drip quality and the Yellow Stripe Nine boys, with their post-punk XTC flavoured sophistication have their finger on the popular pulse and, with a bit of luck, could go much further.

Don't take our word for it, here it for yourself - here

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