Yeasayer - Odd Blood

The year is 2010 but I am strangely dissatisfied. Where be my long-promised rocket car? Why doth not my Robot Wife bring me my Sunday roast in easily-digestible powder form? Why are we vacationing in Margate (again) instead of surfing Saturn's rings? Have we been lied to?

Before we return to our luddite existence, let us strap on our tinfoil helmets and glance skyward one last time. Surely, all other predictions of our intergalactic lifestyle have failed to become reality. But, thankfully, Odd Blood is as futuristic as Dr.Who’s to-do list.

In one of those “Just when you think everything has been done before” moments this Brooklyn quartet turn everything on its head with an album that really sounds unlike anything else ever recorded. As the first track begins to play you’ll be halted in a WTF? moment of confusion. Is this a total mess? Should they have stopped throwing more sounds in when they got to the kitchen sink? The first play poses more questions than it answers. Early highlights like previously free download ‘Ambling Alp’ and the sound of an intercultural disco on the Starship Enterprise ‘O.N.E’ set a course for the hairs on the back of your neck.

After extended plays this five billion piece jigsaw starts to assemble and their vision of a funky, genre-defying masterpiece begins to form. All the tracks stand alone but also flow perfectly into each other. More gems rise to the surface and it becomes clear there is no filler here, it’s all solid gold space dust.

Checking the sleevenotes there is no mention of Zoot - the Muppets' sax player but he can be clearly heard on ‘Mondegreen’ tooting like a demented mallard. The track has an almost panicked delivery which zooms in-and-out of worm-holes, through parallel-dimensions onto a collision course with your inner brain.

This is a project so ambitious in its intention it's remarkable they’ve even completed it. This is the sort of record that other bands could have brought record labels to the brink of bankruptcy trying to complete. Yet here they are just over two years after their debut with a body of work whose complexity and maturity defies their meagre years.

The future may not have delivered on its hi-tech promises. But cast aside your dreams of a teleportation wristwatch or a camera that makes fudge. This is a glimpse of the future of humanity - it’s a pan-dimensional-party you’ll want to be part of.




out of 10

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