X-press 2 - Makeshift Feelgood

It's been four years since X-press 2's debut Muzikizum, an album which featured the huge club hit Lazy. Although that song would have been great regardless, the guest spot by David Byrne no doubt helped it reach the dizzy heights it did. With Makeshift Feelgood, the trio of London DJs are returning to the dance scene and, while Mr Byrne hasn't joined them this time around, they've roped in some intriguing vocalists to lend their considerable talents.

The piano intro to opening cut Give It sounds worryingly like D:Ream but, twenty seconds in, frequent bursts of strings and a sardonic vocal from Kurt Wagner join the equation and all is okay. Much better, though, is new single Kill 100 which sees The Music's main man Rob Harvey briefly facing off against a Donna Summer sample. It is easily a highlight, despite the darker tone not really being an apt representation of the rest of the album's more down-the-line feelgood anthems. Bernard Fowler adds a soulful vocal to Don't Make Me Wait while The Polyphonic Spree's Tim DeLaughter lends a bohemian flavour to the incessantly catchy Witchi Tai To. The only guest spot that doesn't really hit the spot is Radio 4's Anthony Roman lending his rock credentials to the mediocre 17.

The remainder of the album is, with the exception of the unremarkable Fellow Cutie, made up of collaborations with retro synth-pop band Kissing the Pink. Despite being nothing groundbreaking, these four songs are, like the majority of the album, fun dance songs that are impeccably produced and do their job in making the listener want to bust a groove. With its lack of excess flab, Makeshift Feelgood would be a suitable CD to blast out loud in your bedroom before you hit the clubs.



out of 10
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