White Denim - Performance

The quartet of White Denim never fail to deliver something that's ever so slightly different from what you expect. After renewing 50% of the band members on 2016's Stiffthey've really doubled down on the sound that they kicked off there: a kind of Seventies, riff-y, rock. It's addictive, creative, and you know, fun. Led by founding members James Petralli and Steve Terebecki, the Austin band have always been fans of trying expanding their sound, and Performance continues to push at their own boundaries.

Always punchy and to the point, Performance keeps its songs short and tracklist down to nine. From the opening 'Magazin' and its blend of background horns, scruffy riffs and louche-ness, through the groovy 'Double Death' and rougher 'Moves On', to highlights 'Sky Beaming' and the multi-layered 'Backseat Driver', Petrelli's vocals and the production of the founding members keep things consistent. Above all Performance is good fun to listen to.


Funky, driving, and damn good fun.


out of 10

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