Various - Trance Masters

Or possibly trance-by-numbers. This compilation brings together tracks from the past eight years. All three of the CDs begin well enough, but by the end of each you might find yourself wondering, "Did I hear fifteen tunes, or just five?"

The Rennie Pilgrim Mix of Rock Your Body Rock kicks off CD1 with an almost Fatboy Slim sense of fun. A bigger dance expert might like to confirm that this is actually trance - it doesn't sound like it to me. Track two, Loaded (no, not the classic Primal Scream tune), is blessed with good production, a rare commodity in the genre, and, track three, Motorcycle's As The Rush Comes, present in an Armin van Buuren mix, is one of the better dance/trance tracks to climb the charts recently. The rest of the CD simulates a good night on the town only in the way that everything blends together hazily, although a few tunes, such as Love Comes Again and Burned With Desire (nice vocals), should stick out due to familiarity wih radio play.

Amongst the highlights of CD2 are the pleasingly hard Spread Love, Come (Into My Dream), which again has nice vocals, and Restless. However, it also includes plenty which would fit into the cheap 'n' nasty category; witness the sort of long farting noise on Ligaya, and the obligatory half-arsed cover version (The Sun Always Shines On TV).

If CD3 falls somewhat short of the classic status it's billed as, it at least includes a few memorable tunes. Who hasn't heard Toca's Miracle on a messy summer holiday? Drifting Away perfectly captures the E-bliss feeling, I've admittedly always had a soft spot for Tell Me Why (probably because it features Saint Etienne's Sarah Cracknell), and Sunrise actually manages the vibe suggested by the title.

There's little here to recommend to the casual listener, or indeed those that flinch whenever they hear this sort of stuff belting out the window of a boy racer's car, but - with three CDs worth of tracks - this compilation should represent good value to fans of the genre.



out of 10
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