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It's a snappy idea: a travel guide featuring some of the more offbeat locations a city has to offer, combined with a mix compiled by a band from that city. In this case, New York is the focus and the band is once hyped electro-pop duo Fischerspooner, who have hardly troubled the mainstream since scoring a hit with Emerge (included here in a Hacker mix) back in 2002.

The CD side of this dual-disc houses a cool selection of tracks. You'll find much to jump around to, whether it be the lashings of dirty electro, a stripped out version of Bloc Party's Helicopter, or the insane, dizzying DFA remix of Get Up/ Say What. There's a frequent strip joint atmosphere. "Do you want to eat at the all night diner tonight?" asks Princess Superstar on Coochie Coo. Elsewhere Rodeo Mechanique can only conjur up images of sweaty, gyrating, near-naked bodies. Ahem. Lassigue Bendthaus' spacey electronic cover of Jealous Guy and Laurie Anderson's arty O Superman (For Massenet) are amongst a small number of mellower tunes. The latter you'll either think is sheer genius or the most gruelling 8 minutes of your life.

The DVD runs for approximately half an hour. Hosted by Casey Spooner (of Fischerspooner), it's entertaining and mildly interesting, but, since only a handful of sites are visited (a record shop, a shoe store, an urban beach, a grafitti spot, etc), don't reckon on it being a substitute for your Rough Guide. The sleeve includes a map, brief travel tips and an extensive list of recommended places to visit.

Providing you buy for the music and view the rest as merely an appetite whetter, The Other Side makes for a satisfyingly hip package.

Clips from the DVD below:

Graffiti NYC Stylee Windows Real
Record Store Clip Windows Real
Sneaker Store Clip Windows Real



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