Various - The Best Club Anthems: 80s Classics

Back in the 80s, in the days before binge drinking and mass-produced dodgy pills, clubbers had other hazards to navigate. These were mainly fashion and music related. For evidence of the former I direct you to any 80s teen movie. For evidence of the latter, look to The Best Club Anthems: 80s Classics.

The kids could snap their fingers along to baldy Phil Collins, tracks of the ilk of Diana Ross' Chain Reaction were routinely - and needlessly - extended to the seven minute mark, Paul Hardcastle drummed into everyone's head the average age of a Vietnam soldier (n-n-n-n-nineteen), and Stock, Aitken & Waterman (see their work with Mel & Kim, Dead Or Alive and Hazell Dean here) ruled the pop roost, much to the disapproval of anyone who actually owned a working pair of ears. It wasn't all bad, however. Prince's 1999, Blondie's Rapture, Pet Shop Boys' West End Girls and Inner City's Good Life, which helped paved the way for the clubbing experience to come, are amongst a smattering of classic tunes over these three discs.



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