Various - The Bands 05 II

For those looking for another compilation of (mainly) guitar acts, this ain't a bad who's who. Included are some of the better artists to break this year (Bloc Party, Willy Mason, The Magic Numbers), classic tracks from Radiohead and Placebo, and a sprinkling of indie-friendly dance numbers, courtesy of Gorillaz, Audio Bullys and The Chemical Brothers.

It's not all good, however. The dull as dishwater likes of Coldplay, Athlete and Embrace are present to spoil the party (although at least we're spared Keane). Then there's The Bees' 60s parody Chicken Payback, perhaps the year's most irritating single so far, and Moby's Spiders to remind us the little, bald fella has lost his way. Still, that's what the skip button is for.



out of 10
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