Various - Strike! Counter Records Sampler

It was in 2006 that the people behind Ninja Tune created sister label, Counter, to release material of a rockier bent. Strike does what it says on the tin, giving a brief overview of Counter’s output to date.

So here we have The Heavy's psychedelic soul, Pop Levi's Bolan-esque glam and Cougar's post-rock nestling alongside singer-songwriter John Matthias (who contributed strings to The Bends, fact fans) and, judging by 'Torn Up In Praise', Broken Social Scene soundalikes, Spokes. In Levi’s 'Police $ign' and The Heavy’s 'That Kind Of Man' (the best thing here by miles), it does include a couple of cracking singles, which may well be as much as you can reasonably expect for the asking price of £2.99. Sadly, much of the rest, although "challenging" and varied, fails to stick, leading one to the conclusion that Counter need some more memorable signings.



out of 10
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