Various (selected by DJ Hell) - International Deejay Gigolos: CD Ten

Presenting these 26 tracks unmixed was perhaps not a good idea. Most are unremarkable, and frankly boring when drawn out to the sixth or seventh minute.

There's actually more variety here than first appears; from nods to old-style house music (Jack Your Body (Body Jackin’) and, er, Jack The House) to electro meets new rave (Are You The One?) to the Vangelis-inspired Replicant's Suffering. But while occasional tracks tickle the ears (DMX, Dirty Deal, a couple of Sebastien San inclusions), getting through these two discs is rather a slog. Make it to the end and you'll feel like you've swam through a murky house and techno soup.

The drawn out, repetitive nature of these tunes suggests International Deejay Gigolos: CD Ten is aimed at the hardcore: those more at home in dark, sweaty rooms than in daylight. Just don't cast this up to me when I moan about the 99th compilation of cheese come the end of summer.



out of 10
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