Various - Pacha Ibiza

Allegedly one of the places to go celeb-spotting on the island, Pacha has the reputation of being Ibiza's most glamorous club. Is this cash-in release typical of its namesake's music policy? That I can't answer. Despite having visited The White Isle three times, I've never felt any real urge to set foot in this particular superclub. Give me grot over glamour anyday when it comes to dancing.

The tracks on this trio of discs mainly fall into the category of commercial (i.e. hooky, if unchallenging) electro-house. These include effective remixes of current(ish) tracks by Simian Mobile Disco, Empire of the Sun, Basement Jaxx and Ladyhawke, rejigged versions of classics by Reflekt, Orbital and Lee Cabrera, and quite possibly a few future hits. Unfortunately, the track listing isn't entirely devoid of crud, proving the old adage that money doesn't necessarily buy taste. The Tamperer's Feel It and Benny Benassi's mangling of an old Bowie number are amongst the tunes that could (or at least should) evacuate the dancefloor like a post smoking ban fart.

Pacha Ibiza undoubetdly slips down well, but lacks distinction or any sense of the exotic, often feeling little more than a 10 euro bottle of Blue WKD away from what you might hear on an average Saturday night in the UK.



out of 10
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