Various - Once in a Lifetime

Well, I guess we are going to be hearing a heck of a lot about football this year, whether you love or loathe the game that will dominate all of our summers. It seems that nowhere is safe, as at cinemas this week is Once In A Lifetime - a film which tells the extraordinary story of the New York Cosmos.

So what is the film about? Well, The New York Cosmos was a franchise in the North American Soccer League, based in New York and New Jersey founded by the Ertegun brothers. It was one of the stronger NASL franchises, both athletically and financially, mostly due to the financial involvement of Warner Brothers.

In its later years it became somewhat renowned for signing the great Brazilian player Pelé, who though at this point well past his prime attracted huge number of fans to see him play. The NASL folded after the 1984 season, but the Cosmos attempted to operate as an independent team in 1985 before they folded.

But they are not forgotten, and the film tells the story not just through film, but also through the music of the time, as shown by this excellent album. Opening track Nothing But Soul by Junior Walker and & The Allstars is a marvel, a tight, funky piece of music perfectly suited to the subject matter. Also providing the funk is The Commodores with Machine Gun, a track (so I'm told) has provided the backing for many a porno.

Its not all funk though, there are also some laid back, chilled out moments to savour. Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang lowers the tempo a notch, as does the dramatic (and often sampled) Les Fleur by 4Hero.

Disco also gets a look in as well, with Donna Summer's incredible I Feel Love, and Sparks in a welcome addition also, with their quite frankly bonkers This Town Aint Big Enough For The Both of Us, a MILLION times better than the cover by J*stin H*wkins. And to top it all of, The Osmonds with Crazy Horses and the beautiful languid sound of Steely Dan on Dirty Work.

This is a great compilation that manages to include all sorts of genres. There are some songs you will know, but it is mostly full of forgotten gems, making this the perfect type of soundtrack album - opening up for you songs you may never have heard, or may have just forgotten.



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