Various - Now That's What I Call Music! 58

It probably says something about the target audience of Now 58 that the versions of Eamon's and Frankee's hits included are the bleeped radio edits. With that in mind, it would be unfair to be overly critical of a compilation which has no pretensions other than to broadly reflect what's most popular with the single-buying public, and the younger ones at that. (I presume, anyway, as it's a long time since I've taken an interest in such matters.)

It's perhaps no surprise that most of the running time (or what seems like most of the running time) is given over to R&B, of which only really Kelis' Trick Me stands out. On top of that is the expected quota of boy bands, girl bands and pop acts. Kylie's Chocolate and Rachel Stevens' Some Girls are more sophisticated affairs than one might expect, in the latter case probably due to producer Richard X's input, while Lola's Theme and I Like It are superior examples of commercial dance. However, bar some uninspired rock/indie choices (such as the truly insipid Keane), the tracks most likely to appeal to 'adult' tastes belong to Outkast, Scissor Sisters and Joss Stone, but, like so much else here, these have been overplayed to such an extent on UK radio that it's hard to believe anyone's need to own them in this form.

This isn't about adult tastes, though. Those too young to spend Friday evening in the pub, and who can make do with Top of the Pops as entertainment, should find plenty of value here. It goes without saying also that those who like to put on an old man's voice and grumble about "the state of the charts today" would be best investing their money elsewhere.



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