Various - Moondance: Ultimate Old Skool Anthems

With The Prodigy's recent return to their rave roots, this 3 disc set is a timely reminder of early 90s dance music, comprising of (it says here) "Old Skool Rave, Hardcore and Junglist Drum 'n' Bass". For those of us ancient enough to remember some of these tunes from the first time round, the good news is they've aged remarkably well. Try listening to the likes of Nomad's (I Wanna Give You) Devotion, Cola Boy's 7 Ways To Love, Urban Shakedown's Some Justice (which shares DNA with Liquid's Sweet Harmony) or Alex Reece's Pulp Fiction without breaking into a smile, or possibly a gurn. Final Cut's irresistable Take Me Away, as sampled by The Prodigy on Warriors Dance, is here too.

There's no shying away from rave's cheesier elements (crowd noise on the tracks, gratuitous use of the word "ecstasy"), although this is arguably part of the charm. Additionally, the mixes often meander, in an attempt to take in less well known tunes. However, for fans of breakbeats and a good piano line, there's certainly a couple of hours' worth of carefree fun here.



out of 10
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