Various (mixed by Tiesto) - In Search of Sunrise 6 (Ibiza)

Let's face it: Tiesto, "arguably the biggest DJ in the world", could hardly be described as musically challenging. Still, without wishing to sound patronising, perhaps his followers don't want challenging. Hell, who needs eclectic DJ sets or cutting edge dance when you can have lush trance which goes down like chocolate milkshake?

In Search of Sunrise 6 (Ibiza) begins with the noise of waves lapping and a dreamy synth which wouldn't be out of place on an Ulrich Schnauss record. That sound of water is important because these two discs very much wash over you in a way that can only be described as "nice". It's all pretty vocals, slick melodies and uplifting vibes. Don't Belong, for example, is as pleasant a piece of pop-trance as you will hear, Vice (Sydenham Dub) actually manages to sound quite classy, symphonic in quite a subtle manner, and Summerfish (Scandall Sunset On Ibiza Mix) is impossibly sunny, perhaps annoyingly so if you spent all of summer '07 stuck in rainy Britain. And there I haven't even described beyond track six on disc one.

The rest pretty much follows in the same suit, ensuring bliss for fans of softer trance, at least until Tiesto finds his sunrise with Dancing Water and Breathing and then it's all over. I found myself getting carried away at some points (try Reflect)... Cough. If you excuse me, I'm off to listen to some ultra obscure German minimalist techno.



out of 10
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