Various (mixed by Sultan) - Yoshitoshi Montreal

Canadian DJ/producer Sultan is pals with Deep Dish, which perhaps goes some way to explaining the predilection shown here for trancey house - or should that be housey trance? Imagine Deep Dish at their cheesiest, but minus anything that explores the confines of mainstream dance as memorably as, say, Flashdance. Still, Yoshitoshi Montreal admittedly delivers plenty of big vocals and hooks. No Why and a Flying/Waiting For You mash-up are unashamedly uplifting crowd-pleasers, while Smaller is an all too brief detour into (relatively) harder electro territory.

The main problem is little here sounds even remotely relevant in 2007. Listening to this MOR mix, you'd honestly think dance music had regressed a good few years. But maybe that's how they do things in Canada? Prelude, for example, borrows guitar from Bon Jovi in - what I presume to be - a wholly unironic manner, and Night Visions is a dull piece of downtempo, grafted onto the end like an eleventh toe.

Still, if you're in need of an instant dance sugar rush, and couldn't give a shit about current trends, Yoshitoshi Montreal will more than do. Go on, party like it's 1999.



out of 10
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