Various (mixed by Josh Wink) - Sessions

Josh Wink, best known for 90s hit Higher State of Consciousness, sticks to a fairly minimal vibe for this Ministry of Sound mix.

Kicking off with Corporal, which recalls Underworld at their most subdued, disc 1 takes its time in hitting a series of ecstatic peaks. Flotation Tank, for example, is a wonderfully trippy five minutes, with deep, engulfing production and handclap style percussion. It might have been this CD's finest moment were it not for Wink's own respectful remix of Radiohead's Everything In Its Right Place. The aforementioned Higher State of Consciousness is here mixed by Matthew Johnson, who adds an extra psychedelic layer.

Disc 2 also begins on a restrained note and is the inferior of the pair. Yet it still has its moments. Love Technique one suspects is a nod to New Order's Fine Time, Blackwater is riddled with niggly house hooks, and Electrofluxx twinkles with high frequency noise.

Throughout, Wink utilises long transitions to aid the flow. There is definitely the sense of a journey (man), the distinction between tracks not always being obvious. As such, his Sessions will be too repetitive for those with overly commercial tastes. Fans of acid house and experimental electronica, however, should easily get lost in this atmospheric mix.




out of 10
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