Various (mixed by Hexstatic) - Pick 'n' Mix

Think you don't know Hexstatic? The duo (Stuart Warren Hill and Robin Brunson) were responsible for the Doctor Pressure promo video, in addition to coming up with the idea of mashing together Mylo's Drop the Pressure and Miami Sound Machine's Doctor Beat in the first place.

It should be obvious then that they don't take the business of DJing, VJing or creating music too seriously. As if to emphasise the point, Pick 'n' Mix begins with a snippet of dialogue from Billy Connolly and later they drop Dick Emery's You Are Awful, just so as the word "ecstatic" can be repeated a few times. It's an old joke, but one that never fails to amuse (me, at least).

In many ways, this is reminiscent of a 2 Many Dj's set, with Hexstatic utilising a variety of styles and the occasional mash-up, all the while keeping things accessible. There is a bias towards old school hip-hop (I count four uses of Grandmaster Flash), funk and break beats; but such items as Liquidator (reggae) and The Kinks' You Really Got Me are thrown in also. Of the more obscure tracks, Lost Idol's Chip Funk and Hexstatic's own Pulse are sure to leave you with a warm glow inside.

The mash-ups are the main let down. None come near the grin-inducing inventiveness of those played on radio Soulwax. In particular, the addition of Cocaine to White Lines is so subtle as to be pointless.

Pick 'n' Mix, as the title suggests, is colourful, surprising and full of contrasts. It's the sort of thing you could stick on at a party and be reasonably confident that the house won't clear. Whoever said we're not supposed to get Hexstatic?



out of 10
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