Various (mixed by Eddie Halliwell) - Cream Ibiza 2007

Summer may be on its way out but this mix from Eddie Halliwell, released back in June, should prove a suitable souvenir for all those who've ventured to Ibiza this year.

The first CD is easily the better of the two, leaps and bounds ahead of the second one in fact. Halliwell mixes the electro-house numbers smoothly, and you'll be hard pushed to find a 2007 dance compilation that favours such quality tunes over more recognisable and commercially successful singles. Remixes from Booka Shade, LXR and Coburn are just a few highlights but the inclusion of X-Press 2's Witchi Tai To (albeit a remix) is the disc's peak.

Sadly, the second CD lets the side down. After the first CD's foray into experimental sounds, this is straight-down-the-line euphoric trance. Which is fine. However, it becomes tiring after about seven or eight tracks, especially considering the almost complete lack of vocals and a diversion into a harder sound towards the back end. Just imagine listening to something like William Orbit's version of Adagio for Strings for a (long) hour, which happens to be superior to anything on here, and there you have my description of the second disc.

Still, the first disc is worth the dollar and the whole package is worthwhile if you have the choice between this and something like a Now Dance compilation. However, I'd have to say the annual Global Gathering 3-disc affair takes priority over this.



out of 10
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