Various - King Britt presents The Cosmic Lounge

King Britt is obviously a strange one. Were I invited round to his house for tea, I'd be suspicious of the chocolate brownies, if you know what I mean. The Cosmic Lounge consists of eleven "free jazz" tracks gathered together by the producer and DJ, all guaranteed to test the patience of the uninitiated.

Amongst the psychedelic delights: Kawaida, a near eight minute spiritual spoken word piece with no percussion, just flutes (or similar woodwind instrument); Scorpio-Libra, somewhere between Miles Davis and Dirty Harry; the wah-wah funk of Ekim; Beyond Yourself, perhaps inspired by acid-enduced ego-death; and Flora Purim's "interesting" vocal affectations (squeaks and somersaults) on Encounter. Moving Pictures For The Ear is arguably the straightest inclusion, at least if one is familar with traditional Arabic music and its hypnotic rhythms.

It goes without saying that these selections are sufficiently enough out there as to be beyond useful criticism. If you want "safe" jazz, stick to Jamie Cullum's recent compilation. The Cosmic Lounge exists in that mystical grey area between alternative religion and hallucinogenic drugs. For psychonauts and dedicated weirdy beardies only.



out of 10
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