Various Indie Artists - Twisted

Twisted is an excellent compilation to keep the night going after a sweaty session at the local Indie Disco. Since Indie Discos have become a phenomenon and swept the world with the unique indie djing followed by a band or two strategically placed through the night, some bands, tracks and artists have become synonymous with the scene and indeed, the sounds of the time.

From the overly well known Scissor Sisters to the more obscure and cool !!! (Chk Chk Chk) to the old Depeche Mode to the shiny new Mylo, Twisted covers a lot of daring rock’n’roll ground over two cds.

It is too easy to sell such a compilation to indie kids loitering on the pathways once the disco has closed while the head is still spinning and the feet are still moving, and a quick look to the track list can say it all – despite some strange inclusions, it is made of the most well known tracks of the scene right now.




out of 10
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