Various - Housework Songs 2 - Spring Clean Edition

And so here we have yet another tenuously linked compilation, supposedly devised to help those household chores go a little bit faster - something to listen to while you do your spring cleaning and get your house all ship-shape for the summer. It is aimed very much with the housewife in mind, with some frankly baffling choices, most of the CD's clogged up with those songs that always seem to end up on these sort of things.

We start with Daniel Powter and "Bad Day" (a housework link, I guessing), and then go on a girl band odyssey through Bananarama, Sugababes, The Bangles and even Kylie. The first CD gets annoyingly uplifting at the halfway mark, with Yazz screeching "The Only Way is Up" (not if you're name is Yazz, unfortunately), Girls Aloud with their cover of "Jump" and Katrina & The Waves (a crap song even if High Fidelity tries to prove otherwise). Then the CD gets uncertain as to who the audience is, shifting from the 60's to the 80's, bringing in Frankie Valli and then Duran Duran.

By the second CD, they seem to have dropped all thoughts of housework altogether, presenting basically a CD of good time party songs. "Happy Together", "Don't Worry Be Happy", "No Worries" - we get the idea, thanks. "Steamy Windows" raises a smile (so they'll need cleaning then), as does Mouse T vs Hot 'n' Juicy, a bizarre choice.

This is a cheap and cheerful collection of songs of no merit whatsoever, nothing holding them together, just a shameless cash-in hoping to con a hapless housewife out of £12.99. Definitely one to be avoided at all costs, no matter how filthy your house is.



out of 10
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