Various - Godskitchen: Global Gathering

Under the banner of the well-known super club, Godskitchen, this compilation showcases three genres of dance music, with a separate disc dedicated to each. The tracks featured are mostly one step removed from the sort of stuff clogging up the charts. It's commercial without being overly cheesy.

The first, arguably best, CD focuses on house. There's a feelgood vibe throughout, kicking off with a fine remix of Mylo's In My Arms and ending on a suprisingly succesful mash up of Deep Dish's Flashdance and Dire Straits' Money For Nothing (as terrible as that may sound in theory). In between, the quality rarely lets up, but honours go to House Headz' Stella, an incredibly sexy track thanks to uplifting piano and breathy vocals. Older listeners may be pleased to hear new mixes of People Hold On (titled Little Love) and You Got The Love.

CD two covers trance and pleasantly exceeds one's expectations of an often tacky and terrible genre. The big names are present and correct, as are soaring vocals, and, that old stand-by, Adagio For Strings (in what is probably its hundredth remix incarnation).

With more of an electro feel, the third CD includes remixes of tracks by Moby, The Killers and The Chemical Brothers. Highlights here are Sweet Child O Mine (yes, a cute, female sung cover of the Guns n' Roses song) and the Sharam Jey remix of Kraak & Smaak's Money In The Bag (a track, which at least in its original form, has been doing the rounds for ages). Generally, however, this is the "hardest" disc, emphasising bleeps and edgier sounds over melodies.

Godskitchen: Global Gathering should make a decent warm up for anyone looking to lose the plot on the dancefloor this summer. A good value set.



out of 10
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