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Anyone out there into DIY? I can't say I've ever progressed much further past putting together a flat-packed magazine rack, but there are people out there, so I'm told, who like nothing better than to spend their precious time constructing kitchens and re-fitting bathrooms and other such unsavoury pursuits. And fantastic news! As now there is a double of CD of SONGS they can play why they are doing such a hideous activity. Those record companies! They think of EVERYthing!

Yowsa, a concept album about DIY?!? I would seriously love to know how these compilations are put together. It seems that a few songs with a semi-tenuous link to the theme are chosen, and then a bucket with a load of song titles is passed round and the next chosen entirely at random. Some of the choices I can understand for the DIY theme- If I Had A Hammer, for example, Men at Work - I'm happy with those. Even The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats gets by me OK. But Sweet Home Alabama? Pretty Flamingo? This CD would be much better packaged as "one for the dad's"; or it would be even better if the makers just called it "RANDOM CD for BLOKES" and had done with it.

Because as a mixture of songs, with or without a DIY theme, it is actually pretty good. The first CD, even with a Genesis track, is full of semi-quality songs, from The Buzzcocks to The Stranglers, ELO with their amazing Mr Blue Sky and Queen with Don't Stop Me Now, a staple of these collections. It also has one for finest 'story' songs ever written, Up the Junction by Squeeze, a song with such a strong narrative they should teach it in schools.

CD2 is where they start to run out of ideas, and we get a very random selection of tracks, from piles anthem Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash to that disco stalwart Hi Ho Silver Lining (safety first by the way, don't go waving your hands in the air if you're brandishing a power tool). It ends with a smile, with Bernard Cribbins and his amusing children’s favourite Right Said Fred.

So yes, another reasonable compilation with a tenuous theme, it will do as a semi-average Father's Day present, but that's about it.



out of 10
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