Various - Boogie Cops & Disco Pimps

The big-movie remake of Starsky & Hutch is the clear inspiration for compilation Boogie Cops & Disco Pimps, an interesting, almost-revisionist look back at the different sides of late-seventies music. Whilst not a soundtrack to the film, it may as well act as an unofficial companion, being as there are many references spread throughout the two discs, be they Tom Scott's theme, the original David Soul version of Don't Give Up On Us (revisited for maximum comedy value by Owen Wilson in the new film version) or cuts such as That's The Way I Like It or Chicago's Old Days, which find themselves on the soundtrack.

Thankfully, there's more value for money on this compilation though, as the first disc, entitled Boogie Cops is a brilliant mix of proper Blaxpoitation theme tunes and seventies funk, with originals such as Willie Hutch's wah-wah induced Theme Of Foxy Brown or Bobby Womack's scintillating Across 110th Street being flanked by standards such as Sly & The Family Stone's number-one blockbuster Family Affair or Bill Withers' Use Me, which has been featured in many films and not just Starsky & Hutch.

Disco Pimps, the second side of the compilation, isn't as good as Boogie Cops and clearly contains more filler material. It begins in a proper funk fashion, with Wild Cherry's chart-topping Play That Funky Music, and before you know it The Jackson 5 and Patti Labelle have swung by. Granted, classic cuts such as Van McCoy's The Hustle and The Real Thing's Can You Feel The Force are thrown in for good measure, but Disco Pimps probably wouldn't survive on its own as a compilation, whereas Boogie Cops probably could. Even so, the combined collection is a better package for younger audiences trying to soak up musical eras that were dominent before they were born, and is certainly worthy of a listen or two.



out of 10
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