Various - Back in the Day

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, it might have been unthinkable that tunes constructed solely to soundtrack wasted nights would stand the test of time. Perhaps they would vanish from the popular consciousness faster than a raver's brain cells? In fact, quite the opposite has happened; much dance music of this period continues to hold its own unique appeal. Trance was yet to find its strangling grip, and the wholesale ripping off of old songs was less commonplace.

Arguably cleverer than anything Chris Martin has writtten, Baby D's Let Me Be Your Fantasy is perhaps the best example of the ecstasy double entendre lyric and even now - in 2006 - can create chaos on the dancefloor. Both classics, The Future Sound Of London's Papau New Guinea and 808 State's Pacific State are full of wondrous, lush textures which instantly put one in a better head space. That's what this stuff is about. Also rather excellent are Moby's Twin Peaks-sampling rave anthem Go, 7 Ways To Love by Cola Boy (otherwise known as Saint Etienne), and Grace's Not Over Yet.

Back in the Day squashes in plenty of fine tracks. Most have been compiled a hundred times before, but those short of smiley-faced dance circa 1990 could do far worse.



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