Various Artists - The Kings of Electro (Compiled and Mixed By Playgroup & Alter Ego)

The 'Kings Of' series shifts its focus onto electro for this latest release, which sees British DJ Trevor Jackson (Playgroup) delve back into the Eighties to serve up tracks from the genre's early days and German duo Alter Ego dishing up a selection of contemporary tunes.

In contrast to the pulsating, up-to-the-minute cuts on disc two, the flip side seems relatively quaint but is no less danceable. Apart from the unlikely addition of Visage song Pleasure Boys the booty-shakin' slabs of old-skool breaks impress almost uniformly, with its smattering of hip-hop samples proving an interesting counterpoint to the mainly instrumental second disc. It's definitely the better album for putting on the stereo to chill out to, while Alter Ego's effort works best as something to turn up while getting ready for a night out but proves the weaker effort overall, peaking far too early with Azzido Da Bass's pulverising Dooms Night before fizzling out somewhat unforgivably in the later stages.

The two discs certainly represent good value for money and the CDs are expertly mixed together, with the two compilers showing off their expansive knowledge of the genre to really impressive effect, making this a worthy purchase.



out of 10
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