Various Artists - Hardcore Til I Die 2

You'll have seen the TV adverts and there's nothing I can say here that will change your mind. You either want this. Or you don't.

Suffice to say that the genre keeps thumping away in the face of media indifference and, as all old-fashioned record companies know, if there's still a market you can make some cash. To that end, Universal have pulled together another three CDs of the latest bangers, with most of the names you expect: Hixxy, Dougal, et al., while also throwing in a few more household names (Tinchy Stryder, Cascada, a Squad-E remix of Frankmusic's 'Confusion Girl) and even a cover of Madonna's 'Material Girl'.

Result? Huge, fucking cheese-eating grins of trashy fun, council estate-style and substantially more entertaining than the most recent Bonkers set. Irony is, if you told people that stuff like Gammer and Whizzkid's 'We Are The Vampires' was Pendulum, they'd probably fill tents at Glasto to get fucked up to its post-Prodigy beats and dirty, dirty bass.

More fun than whatever it is you're listening to this week.



out of 10
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