Various Artists - Bonkers: The Original Hardcore

This is, apparently, the 19th volume of Bonkers. Can you imagine the amount of drugs that have been consumed by listeners since the appearance of the original set back in 1996? Lots I imagine. Hundreds probably.

Hardcore - Bonkers-style - remains incredibly unfashionable among the intelligentsia, associated as it is with all that's wrong with modern Britain: feral kids in white trackie bottoms, bad teeth and bad dogs, Vauxhall Corsas and plastic bottles of cider. Oh, and the North.

Sadly, modern Hardcore has lost a little of its charm, even though series regulars Hixxy and Sharkey are manning the decks. It's not as happy as it used to be for a start: that curious blend of high-tempo beats, cheese and often ache-y female vocals that managed to make weekends in a hi-rise sound almost desirable is largely gone, replaced by too much MC-ing and robotics and a general toughing-up that makes it just less ... fun. Oh for the heady days of 1996! Old skoolers may be tickled by Emily Reed's 'Your Love Is Shining', entirely soul-less happy HC that reminds you this was the whitest music since Skrewdriver.

If it's a hot summer, this will be being played loudly at a set of traffic lights near you very soon. Shout out to the Vodka posse!



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