Various Artists - 7 Inch Heroes: 45 Original 45s

Now that the industry appears to have overcome its penchant for Jeremy Clarkson-friendly 'driving' compliations, attention is beginning to turn to the 'cool dads' market, the kind of listener who perhaps spent their youth adding extra wing mirrors to their Vespas or whose wardrobe consisted largely of cardigans (funny how these things always come round again).

That said, this new compilation is a slightly skewed collection of (loosely) New Wave (CD1) and early 80s pop (CD2) that's perhaps aimed at both Dad and Mum in a 'keep everyone happy' sort of way. Bonus points to the compilers for not always picking the obvious ("My Perfect Cousin", "Walk Out To Winter", "Rip It Up") but surely every household in the country already owns at least two copies of "Love Will Tear Us Apart".

Decent value, but probably too disparate and just less fun than going up into the attic and bringing down the original vinyl for a spin.

* Please note: Tracklisting on promos may change slightly for final product.



out of 10
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