Various - A Bugged Out Mix By Miss Kittin

Miss Kittin is undoubtedly one of the most exciting females working in the music industry today. Her electro-clashy debut artist album I Com was amongst 2004's best. And this, the latest in a long line of DJ mixes, rocks.

Disc one, subtitled Perfect Night, begins with some cheeky acapella profanity courtesy of Princess Superstar. An evil beat kicks in underneath; and from then on the action doesn't let up. For the first half, Miss Kittin pulls a series of dark techno monsters out of the hat, although later things get more eclectic. The Chemical Brothers' Base 6 (a b-side) takes a detour into breaks territory, while Awesome 3's Don't Go, a hands-in-the-air Prodigy-style rave anthem, sticks out as the crowd-pleasing choice. There's a balance to be struck between accessibility and trainspottery cool. Miss Kittin manages it well.

Disc two, Perfect Day, is intended for after the party. Wagon Christ's Shadows is indeed a gorgeous sunrise track, but with Monolake's Invisible you'd appear to back in the confines of a sweaty club again, albeit monged in the corner. Although this CD has a lower tempo, it doesn't exactly scream daylight. Metal Slave and Aphex Twin's stunning remix of Curve's Falling Free, for example, have what can best be described as a sort of head-fucked ambience.

It's not until the final five tracks that Miss Kittin decides to really lull us to sleep with some proper chill-out. Easy Lee and Inside Your Heaven drip with soothing vocals. The rest is like having a pillow slipped under your head. Trust me; after almost two CDs worth of Miss Kittin kicking serious ass, you'll be glad of it.



out of 10
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