Various - 80's Movie Hits

Feast your eyes on that cover. The 80's were a funny old decade, of that we know. This double CD set brings together a collection of 40 songs from the films of the 1980's, and yes, its basically everything that you've already heard a million times over, again and again and again.

All the same though, some of the songs are pretty good. "Ghostbusters" isn't that bad when you think about it - it tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the film, a) there's something strange, b) in the neighbourhood, c) who can you call? And anyone who manages to get the expression "Ghostbusters" into a song deserves some credit. "Axel-F" as well isn't as bad as "that" frog makes it seem. And "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor certainly gets the blood pumping, whoever you are.

There is a lot of cheese on there though. "Crocketts Theme" is pretty dreadful, all pastel suits and hairspray, and tracks like "What a Feeling" have been used so many times in so many places that they've just lost their power. "DangerZone" from Top Gun is a cheesy rock drivel heaven, "Together in Electric Dreams" (a film thats a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, I'm afraid to admit) picking up the cheese for the keyboard contingent. For pure 80's drivel though, you have to go a long way to beat "Maniac", which is so bad its brilliant.

There is some good stuff on here though. "Pretty in Pink" - great film, great track, and we have to be thankful they chose this song rather than that awful OMD song they play at the end. Simple Minds "Don't You Forget About Me" is alright as well, as is "People Are Strange" from The Lost Boys. And "Oh Yeah" is pretty amusing, particularly as it comes from Ferris Bueller.

This is a meaningless album that to be honest, you don't need to buy. There is nothing new on here, nothing anyone particularly wants or needs. It might raise a smile or two, but set adrift from the films, these songs do look very lonely.



out of 10
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