Ultimate Sk8er Rock

In order to test Sk8er Rock's authenticity, your CD Times reviewer thought he'd really push the boat out with this one, make this a bit more scientific and actually take this compilation skateboarding - by pre-loading both discs as a custom soundtrack to Tony Hawks 4 on the Xbox! (We're good to you, but we're not risking physical injury, kids) and testing how it works as a soundtrack to some skateboarding mayhem, as this is clearly the intent of the compiler.

Truth be told, as I ollied around, this was quite the agreeable, if shouty, companion. Alien Ant Farm's "Smooth Criminal", Smash Mouth's "Walking On The Sun", Liam Lynch's "United States Of Whatever" all formed a good background.

Then, like Tony falling off the board for the umpteenth time, it all started to go wrong. Avril Lavigne's "Don't Tell Me" is a soppy ballad about telling some bloke to get lost (you wanted "Sk8er Boi") and the appearance of the about as far from skater cool as you can get Busted (and not even their cover of Teenage Kicks) both hit duff notes, while the apperance of P!nk seemed just a little bit too pop.

Overall, though, if you can excuse the presence of Busted (you can put it at the end of CD 2, guys, but we still noticed it), there's actually a bunch of rebellious, noisy fun on here. It's probably great to drive to, and it'll make a good soundtrack for your next game of Tony Hawks...



out of 10
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