Twin Atlantic - Free

Glasgow band Twin Atlantic have followed up the release of their impressive mini-album Vivarium with Free, a raucous collection of stand-out tracks that showcase this young band's immense talent and potential. Taking a leaf from fellow Scots Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic combine hard-rocking sensibility with a knack for crafting radio-friendly tunes that should appeal to a wide audience.

Starting off with 'Edit Me', which crashes in with a cacophony of guitars and Sam McTrusty's powerful vocals, the album visits the highs and lows of life, and great fun it is too. After the heavy-hitting double punch of 'Make A Beast of Myself' and 'Ghost of Eddy' the mood lets up a bit with 'Yes I Was Drunk'. The song's slow-burning tempo creates a wonderful tension that threatens to erupt at any moment. The excellent 'Dreamember' deserves to be a potential single. It sweeps the listener along in its wake, addictive and seductive: "If we all put our names together / The energy we make can make the world relax."

The beautiful ballad 'Crash Land', with Barry McKenna's cello serenading in the background, and 'Wonder Sleeps Here' shows the band's affinity with well crafted melodies as well head-banging, power-chord drenched rock. Sandwiched in between is one of the album's highlights 'Eight Days' with its chiming guitars and catchy hooks. The album ends as it began with the thundering 'We Want Better, Man', finishing things off with a bang.

Free is chock full of killer tunes that will no doubt sound even better live. It's no mean feat to combine ear-splitting hard-rock with heart and soul but Twin Atlantic have done just that.



out of 10
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