Twilight OST - Various

The 11 year old clocks this one straight away : "Is that the 'Twilight' soundtrack ?" Yup. "Has it got those new Paramore songs on ?" Oh yes. "Can I have it ?" Go on then. Then, as she's leaving the room : "Erm, dad ... don't you need to listen to it ?" Mmm. Listen to it ... Interesting ...

So, I listened to it. More than once. Which is, very approximately, the number of times I've heard 'Supermassive Black Hole' by Muse, which kicks things off here. Not saying it's not great but I'm not sure I ever need to hear it again. And, following a theme, let's kick off with the tracks I sincerely never want to hear again. 'Leave Out All the Rest' by Linkin Park confirms that they are indeed one of the worst bands of all time. It sounds like everything they've ever done. Frat boys posing as rock stars, they continue to spoil the planet with the beeps and clicks of their vapid 'nu-metal'. And the guitarist wears headphones on stage : case closed. The Iron and Wine track is rather nice and the Evanesecence-influenced Blue Foundation are alright in an overly, earnest electro-metal way. Perry Farrel turns up, which is good of him but his contribution is no 'Three Days' - shocked, right ? The film, a soon-to-be-released adaptation of the Stephanie Meyer novel (Bella, high school awkward type falls for neighbourhood vampire - that old chestnut), was always going to be soundtracked like this, of course. A dash of nu-metal, a sprig of overbaked heavy rock balladry, definitely something that does the chugga-chug thing as the credits roll. You can hear the suits : "Can we get some, erm, Laura Marling on there ?" "Eh ? Who ? Geoff, you're new here - go and get some doughnuts. Right, gentlemen ... are Garbage still going ?"

Clearly what will sell this one is that brace of Paramore newies, their first new material since 2007's career-rocketing 'Riot!' album. I'm down with the kids on this one. Paramore, with their barrel-load of irresistable punk-pop, are bloomin' marvellous. And if you don't trust me ... The 11 year old returns from her bedroom. (I say 'bedroom', I mean 'Shrine to Hayley Williams'.) What are the Paramore tracks like ? "Good. Really good." And she's right. 'Decode', premiered on tour earlier this year, throbs like a juggernaut, all anthemic scritch-scratch guitar. 'I Caught Myself' is even better - poppier, and carrying a hook that snags in an instant. The Williams yelp, with its refreshing tint of accent as opposed to bog-standard, de rigueur received American, remains a sweet delight. Genre-huggers be damned. The collection I can take or leave but Paramore are as much for the likes of me and you as they are for them.



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