Tunng - Woodcat

This single acts, then, as our advance warning for the impending joy that is a new Tunng album. Their previous album, Mother's Daughter And Other Song, was a warm homely treat hiding a crackling, electronic heartbeat, like soft fudge packed with Fizz Wiz. On the evidence of this we're in for more of the same, although Woodcat is perhaps a strange choice of single. Far from a similar construction to the standouts of their debut, Woodcat is a much more traditional affair, a flurry of fingerplucked guitar and with a lovely, comforting melody. It grows on you as only really songs like this can but perhaps lacks the sense of deeper satisfaction Tunng create when they run a staticky cable of samples and synthetic sounds through the core of a song.

Still, don't let this distract you from the fact that Woodcat is sumptuously written and elegantly produced piece of music. Similarly, don't let it put you off buying the single which comes complete with a remix by labelmates Viva Voce. Their superb re-working spices up the the tempo and adds a brass section and a sense of real drama to proceedings. Well worth hunting down.



out of 10
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